Psychosis dreams horror

Me and my friend were at some place inside of a building after we ran out we ran away into the trees into the darkeness. As we got outside we were in a big field, while the sky was turning dim and red and orange. We saw what must have been over a hundred heads on pikes. later my friend had gotten through but i dont know where i was and next thing i knew i was still or again at where the field of severed heads were. this time i had to go through it all without my friend and instead of heads they were all alive or possible dead but they all walked toward me and tried to grab me. next thing i knew i believe i was on a train surrounded by computer screens and people, i felt scared. I wanted to know what this was about and everyone said that i knew who but i did not want to think about it. i was later in a car driving by lots of mobile homes and i saw a number with "666" in it. lots of other cars were driving too and everyone who didn't make it forward disappeared or were cast down. there were lots of numbers in the air as if it was a code.

my friend was answering questions to an audience and just a bit after i was there she fell to the ground and stopped breathing, i ran to her but she was the size of a small doll with a button on her.

i was with other people in a room i dont know where i was supposed to be going because everyone else was driving the opposite of me but my friend did not go this way. the people that were with me in the room later were being warped into some black hole and going down. but i didn't warp because i was not sleeping

i ended up being driven back to the direction of where i was in the beginning with the dim orange red field. something was not right. as i was on a bridge i jumped off the bridge into the sea. As i was in the sea i could breathe. i felt as if i was at peace and then i saw the shadow of a big insect.

being reincarnated or going through loops of time from memories. being able to make myself invisible or visible to whoever id like. doing anything i want with telekenetic powers and flying. No body knew what was going on with me except those who wished and planned to hurt me. but i do not know who they are. eventually in a restaraunt about to lose my mind. i made the people working there mad they wanted to kick me out. at the restaraunt i was eating cheerios. something about it made me uncomfortable because of them being shaped like 'O'. what could be so scary about that letter? im not sure either but something about it is terrifying. was i being reincarnated for hundreds of years? what is this eternal maze.

ever believe in posession? i myself have. i wonder if you could be posessed while part of your soul and mind is still part of youre body and maybe you are aware. i thought lots of people all around the world were oddly and i had to save them. perhaps they were stuck in some kind of dream? i thought too literally but truly i dont always know whats real still. as i leave a party i fly high into the sky. as i rise over the trees i can see my whole neighbor hood i see all the trees the houses the water as well as some lights. i recall someone telling me that as im falling i should let myself hit the ground. and so as im high high into the sky, positioned on my back as if i were floating on water i let myself fall. as i fall im curious to what will happened and before i knew it i sunk/went right through the surface. i find myself in another world. sky. red burgundy maybe? sky, cloudy with lightning everywhere. then i see strange distorted text on a screen with the background of the messages looking like the burgundy sky, it was telling me im going astray. i was scared and about to panic but then next thing i know im not? is the real me somewhere else?.